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Group Info Group Founded 2 Years ago Statistics 1,520 Members
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Group Rules

Star!In order to join, you must be 18 or older,read our rules, and say you acknowledge and understand our rules in your join request message otherwise you will be declined from joining so when you're joining you have to specify you read our rules!!!Star!


:star:The Founder and Co-Founders have the final say on what's allowed in the group, the rules, and what goes in which folders,please do not message them to tell them how to do their job:star:

:star:The Founder and Co-Founders are the !ONLY! people allowed to suggest artwork from others,please stop!!! Let people submit their own art,we only want art from our MEMBERS! Either submit your own art or just be a watcher:star:

:star: Submission Rules :star:

#1 Artwork must be sexy/sexual in some way.
#2 All submissions must  be in an anime/manga form unless it is a cosplay. Nothing too realistic. Nothing western style either. AND NO 3D MODELS and you must specify where a character if from by either tags or description or title otherwise itll bbe denied
#3 No scribbles or rough sketches are allowed in any of the main folders. They go in Misc or Black and white.
#4 No male exclusive pics. This group is for females only.
#5 No gore, violence, or blood allowed.
#6 No gross or odd fetishes. Examples: No diapers, no scat/pee, no anal, no pregnant characters, no foot stuff, no monster girls, no elderly people, no beastiality, no extreme body modifications, no outrageously sized breasts, no overly muscular characters,no rape or molestation(all characters must look comfortable with the actions), no incest, no tentacles, no bondage(BDSM),no giants or very small characters etc. This is a vanilla mature group so sexual artwork must NOT be extreme.
#7 No non-humans, furries, animals, or anthro art allowed,the characters MUST be 90% human or appear to be so (there can be no more than 2 animal parts and the top and lower half must be human ex:mermaids are not allowed but Starfire is because her body is humanlike) .
#8 No futa/shemales or traps allowed.
#9 No loli/shota allowed. For clarification: Loli refers to artwork featuring young, pre-pubescent females or females that appear pre-pubescent. Shota refers to artwork featuring young, pre-pubescent males or males that appear pre-pubescent.
#10 Only original artwork is allowed. Artwork made from using bases or by tracing another original artwork is not allowed. Art thievery is also not allowed and please do not suggest others people's artwork or use anything from our group please be original about everything!!!
#11 Featured artwork requires a background. only the best artwork gets in and must require effort and backgrounds are part of that effort

Official Rules…

:star:All artwork should be submitted to the folder that best fits what the artwork portrays:star:

:star:Before submitting any art, please refer to DeviantART's FAQ #565 regarding pornographic submissions. This is to protect any users from getting banned or suspended: :star:

Thank you and have a great day!

Sister group: :iconhentai-artist-group:


:star:The Founder and Co-Founders have the final say on what's allowed in the group, the rules, and what goes in which folders:star:
:star:Only Contributors and higher ranking admins are allowed to submit deviations to the featured folder:star:








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Group Info

A vanilla hentai group that is entirely devoted to the sexiest of anime girls and their naughty deeds ;)
Founded 2 Years ago
Aug 19, 2015


Group Focus
Art Collection

Media Type
Digital Media

1,520 Members
2,541 Watchers
144,915 Pageviews
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Please realize that we do not have an automated system when it comes to joining, if you read the rules it's clear that I accept and decline all requests on my own...if you spam our inbox with join requests you will be banned, I have a life outside of here so I can not get to everything right away....also realize that you actually have to read our rules and follow them otherwise you will not be accepted

Also please learn the difference between Member and Contributor, several people with zero artwork in their gallery have attempted to be Contributors while saying "may I join plsss"
Contributor: high quality artist that has luxury of submitting to our Featured gallery
Member: someone who joins in our group just to enjoy the art or to submit their art
You can't be a Contributor if you either A) often have art that is against our rules or B) don't even have any art in the first place
You can always be a member ,no requirements there except following the rules
With Contributors, I will start bunking them down to Member status if there has not been any activity in a few months or if they have been ignoring admins or banned if they go against rules

Thank you for reading this,have a nice day everyone!
    20171109 083554 by JusticePrevail

(The picture would not allow me to make it bigger so hopefully if you click it it will take you to the large version)
Due to recent events among many others
I will NOT be interacting with members or those attempting to be members
Not on join requests,submissions, etc since a majority tend to act irrationality and rude towards me,the only admin, and it I am honestly really sick of it
Dont like the group? Dont comment
Dont like me? Dont be in the group
Dont like NSFW? Dont look at the group or be a part of it

Stop harassing me when I simply state something and am following rules
Stop getting offended because you didnt read all the rules and your art doesnt fit in our group
And please stop using art from our group as an "WELL THIS IS ALLOWED!!! WHY ISNT MINE?!?!?" because the examples being used are either different from yours or a CONTRIBUTOR who has the ability to submit something without approval let it slip through
Also the examples being used arent even recent submissions....

So any join request that asks a question will be ignored, anything submitted that goes against rules or is submitted to the folder will simply be denied, if there is a question about why your deviation was denied please look at the rules then all of our folder options as those will answer your question for you

I do not appreciated being harassed and insulted for managing a group I was entrusted to do myself because the other admins ignored the rules and folders
So to avoid confrontation many more times I will be ignoring comments and straight away denying,reporting as spam,or banning people being rude in the group

As for contributors or those who submit things against rules I will give a warning and will immediately lower you to being just a member or ban the next time you do not listen to rules

It's frankly annoying to be told I'm immature or "well I don't wanna be in this group anyways" when being constantly messaged because not only is the person saying it being immature but they are obviously so upset that they cant join or are going to be banned that they feel to act as if they are feeling otherwise

So all in all: have any questions on why your deviation was removed or denied? Refer to the rules or folders
Want to join? Follow the rules
Which is basically ONLY saying "I understand and accept the rules" and nothing else or asking me questions because apparently when I answer them it upsets you since its not what you want to hear
Either follow the rules or just simply leave
I'm a real human being, stop treating me like I'm less than that because of a simple group
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